Sakana by Madeline Rupert (it’s also available on smackjeeves without a membership) is one of those adorable comics I can’t get anyone else to read.  Maybe I’m just not being clear enough about how utterly awesome it is.

It’s about two brothers who work at a fishmarket in Japan and their shenanigans with their friends and co-workers.


 Jiro of the shark-fin hair can’t talk to girls but gosh he likes the lady across the way.  His brother, Taro, who usually has his glasses, is a recovering thug with an extensive back tattoo we have yet to see all of.  They live with Jiro’s best friend, the codependent and muppety Taisei.  They work with Yuudai, who’s incredibly prickly and hiding some serious secrets.  And his cat.


I think my favorite part of Rupert’s comic (if we aren’t including ALL OF IT) is the way she portrays languages other than Japanese.


Jan speaks German and Taisei speaks English, and the different languages appear as shapes and squiggles that look like they should be legible but are not.


I think it’s a great stylistic technique.

The story is pretty cute and looks like it’s going interesting directions, the character dynamics are great, I love the art style, its only flaw is a tendency to go on hiatus when the creator is overworked… Please, read this webcomic!

Hey thanks for the review! 


r2mich2 asked: Have you ever drawn all of Taisei's family? They look like they'd be really interesting and I've only seen Genkei and Taisei.

Taisei has a mom, dad, two younger sisters, a younger brother and an older brother (Genkei.) Genkei is the only other Tachibana who is somewhat relevant to the main plot of Sakana, but all the others will hopefully show up in side comics if the planets ever align and I get time to actually draw the side comics. 

Here’s some relevant stuff I’ve drawn in the past few years.

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Yuudai can only admit he likes piggyback rides when he’s roaring drunk.


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This image may or may not be a spoiler. 

Thug Buddies.jpg

Current Plans

A super big thank you to everyone who was all excited about the spontaneous Sakana update the other day: I’m so thankful that you’ve all been so patient with me these past few months, and you’re still jazzed about the comic! 

Currently I’m between professional projects, but I’m hoping to nail down a new paying gig within a month. So, to try and stave off the great big pockets of time when I can’t update the comic, I’m going to attempt something I’ve never attempted before. A BUFFER. A 15ish PAGE BUFFER THAT WILL KEEP THE COMIC GOING FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER FEW WEEKS IN THE EVENT OF A PROFESSIONAL OBLIGATION. 

I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA this coming weekend (March 27-30th) but when I get back I’m going to hop right to work on this. Regular Show: SKIPS has proven that IT IS POSSIBLE for me to PENCIL AND INK 12 COMIC PAGES IN 24 HOURS, but it is an awful feat that I hope to never recreate. The good news is that I’m faster now than I was before, and I think I can get the buffer done in two or so weeks at no expense to my health or well being. The hardest part will be not uploading a page as soon as I finish it :V

My plan is to finish Sakana Vol. 3 by the end of this school quarter (the end of May) and have it ready to sell by hopefully Supercon in July but definitely Otakon in August. Maybe I’ll Kickstart it, WHO KNOWS. 

ONE LAST THING: I’ve been in kind of a poopy mood lately and I’m going to try and dial back my websurfing for the next few weeks to see if that helps. The internet’s been stressing me out lately and I need to focus on my work. I’ll be around if you need to get in contact with me, and my skype will always be on (if you have my skype) so I won’t be totally gone. Chances are you won’t even really notice I’m not around since I don’t post a lot to my main tumblr!

(on that note, my inspiration tumblr is pretty much always active, but not very interesting to follow unless you just like looking at pictures.)

Hope you’re all having a nice March!


Shigeru is also very excited about new updates.



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Taisei’s older brother is a hard man to read.

Taisei’s older brother is a hard man to read.