Coworkers more like FAMILY.

Sakana Question

If you could change anything about the storyline or characters, what would it be?

AU where the beginning of the story is Jiro’s first day at work.

A fish market with Ghost Sakanas. 

Screams into the night. 

I’m drawin boxessssssssssssss

I’m drawin boxessssssssssssss


I’ll be at the happenin’ place to be this year, ~**~*~THE K BLOCK~*~**~

Table K-06 to be exact, marked in an eye-searing red up there for your consideration. I’ll also be next to A BUNCH OF REALLY RAD PEOPLE THAT YOU SHOULD ALSO CHECK OUT! Including, but not limited to, my otakon 2014 roommates: enenkaydoodles , bktcm , ngoziu , whaoanon , and emifail! And deckitout !!! I’VE PROBABLY FORGOTTEN A TON OF PEOPLE SO I’LL BE ADDING MORE URLS AS I REMEMBER THEM. 

Also there’s what I look like, I’m EXTREMELY SMALL. You think you’ll be prepared for how small I am but 90% of people meeting me for the first time invariably exclaim “Wow, I didn’t think you’d be THIS small…” And then 50% of those people ask if they can pick me up and spin me around, which I’m okay with provided you’ve showered, your arms aren’t covered in makeup, and you don’t run off with me. 

Unfortunately, I’ve been super busy this year with professional work, so I haven’t had a lot of time to make new stuff for this convention. I’m HOPING that I’ll have a little something for everybody that might want to come see me. I have all of the previous Sakana posters (in case you’re a new fan or want to complete your collection), as well as buttons and A FEW BOOKS. I only have 25 copies of Volume 1 and Volume 2 each (down from the 50 I was originally planning on ordering :u) so if you’d like to get the books TRY TO GET TO MY TABLE AS SOON AS YOU CAN. 

I’ll also have copies of a lot of the comic books I worked on this past year, including REGULAR SHOW, ADVENTURE TIME and some BRAVEST WARRIORS! Those will be cover price, just like if you got it at a comic store! 

I might also be taking commissions, but I’ll probably hold off until later in the day Friday or Saturday morning. Feel free to ask about them if I don’t have signage up, and we can work something out! 

(any and all sakana cosplayers get free stuff and doodles and me screaming and jumping up and down in front of them ;V) 

Ive been producing some extremely high-quality doodles lately, as you can plainly see.

I’ve decided I need a more central and a little more professional home for Sakana, but I don’t really have the time in my life to get together a wordpress site and learn html (I KNOW LITERALLY NOTHING ABOUT HTML.) So I’m going to try out the tumblr webcomic theme and see if that works for a while. At least I’ll be able to keep it all in one place and not scattered all over the internet. 

If anybody has any experience with the webcomic theme or any tips to impart on my poor brain, I’d appreciate it! 

Not sure when it’s gonna get off the ground, but I just saved the url if you wanna pre-follow or anything. 

Yuudai your clothes don’t make any sense.

Yuudai your clothes don’t make any sense.