Coworkers more like FAMILY.

I tried to get away from my normal orange/blue color scheme in this one but only managed a seafoam green. 

Class coloring project wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I finally made a color ref for Enzo, but he is actually not that colorful. 

This is how I take a quick break from comics.

Eventually gonna color this so I’m not focusing too much on heavy contrast in the lineart. Probably as much as I’m going to get done tonight because I’m hearing the siren call of Minecraft…

AU where the beginning of the story is Jiro’s first day at work.

A fish market with Ghost Sakanas. 

Screams into the night. 

I’m drawin boxessssssssssssss

I’m drawin boxessssssssssssss

Sometimes I am filled with a powerful and inexplicable urge to draw Crash Bandicoot…