Pages 2-5 of my short comic “NO PARKING.” It’s the first actual comic to ever feature Peko, a character I’ve had for a super long time but NOW HE FINALLY HAS HIS OWN STORY. This 8-pager is kind of like a prequel to the actual comic (that I will start at some point when I have time HAHA) to introduce him (and hint at some other main characters.) 

This comic will be featured in an anthology my super wonderful friends at grad school are kickstarting called GAME BOSS: THE FINAL FORM. It’s a “collection of short comics by thirteen international artists exploring the them of ‘antagonists’.”   

We need a little more help to reach our Kickstarter goal by the 22nd of April! Any pledges or reblogs/signalboosts would be greatly appreciated! I’ll be retouching and ~*~**TONING**~*~ (ooooh!) all my pages for print, so they’ll look extra fabulous. Also, if you click our kickstarter link, you’ll see that THERE ARE TWELVE OTHER RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED INDIVIDUALS ALSO INVOLVED IN THE MAKING OF THIS BOOK. 

Please consider taking a look~


HEY SO, the preview for issue 6 of Regular Show: SKIPS went up today, so here’s pages 1-6, THE BEGINNING OF THE EXCITING CONCLUSION. 

Colors by Whitney Cogar

Yuudai can only admit he likes piggyback rides when he’s roaring drunk.


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We drew Doug Funnie in class today.

We drew Doug Funnie in class today.

This image may or may not be a spoiler. 

After averaging 3-5 finished pages a night during Regular Show: SKIPS, it was refreshing/infuriating to spend a whole evening on

o n e   s  i  n  g  l  e    p   a   n   e   l   .

Also my classmate/chum Ngozi told me to take progress shots of my inking so HERE YOU GO NGOZI (also check out her cute webcomic).

Thug Buddies.jpg

I wrote a grocery list and then I doodled some people who are maybe related and then I doodled some Tuton aliens with different markings and spikes :V

Also i drew Taylor a Hot Molly because I don’t draw enough ladies.