I could say I finally found a good song for Mori but let’s be real, I could just put the whole Icona Pop discography here and it would be just as appropriate. 

Madeline’s “gonna ink a million pages tonight” playlist




just these three songs over and over again

This is probably the most important song of my entire life.

I was driving down Victory today and the Mori national anthem came on the radio.

I think everyone with a slice of life webcomic is required to have this song somewhere in their secret author playlist and think about really sappy lovey-dovey endgame romance whenever it comes up on their itunes rotation OR MAYBE THAT’S JUST ME…

This song is also on my super secret author sakana playlist but i also like it because the chorus is just MAMAMAMAMAMA MAD MAD MAD 


let this be our little secret,
no one needs to know we’re feeling
higher and higher and higher
higher & higher & higher.

passion pit is an exclusively taisei band

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I’m going to mask my really questionable taste in music by claiming every musical post I make has something to do with Sakana. 

What does this have to do with Sakana??

Hey look it’s a song on my Sakana playlist THAT ALSO DOUBLES AS A HALLOWEEN SONG




Tunak Tunak Tun

this is my jam right here

aw yeuh

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