SINCE THE DAWN OF MY COMICS CAREER (roughly five years ago) I’ve amassed tons of personal comic pages. And I’m not talking about the current 216 pages of Sakana, I’m talking about ALL THE OTHER COMIC PAGES I’ve managed to accrue in that time. 

And I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to bring all those together in a big ol’ fun book of stupid one-shots, minicomics, class projects, and series that never really got off the ground, or are still waiting for that fabled day far in the future where I will have the free time and financial stability to just sit down and draw every single comic I ever thought up. 

SO ANYWAYS the big news is that I’ve begun pulling old pages out from under my bed, and leafing through my old portfolios, and scouring my external harddrive for anything that I’ve ever done that even resembles a comic (and some are pretty janky, lemme tell you) because I want to PUT THEM ALL IN A BIG BOOK. AND SELL IT.

If you’re a fan of my webcomic Sakana, perhaps you’d like to see the one-shot graffiti-centric minicomic I did three years ago? Or one of the very first comics I ever drew: where two men scream at each other until one of them turns into a banana and the other eats him? Or the first ten pages of two other series that are still waiting to be drawn? OR SLUT-FACE MCGEE, THE GREATEST COMIC I’VE EVER MADE?? OR LIKE A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT MORE?? 


If you would, I’m going to be holding MY FIRST EVER SUPER AMAZING WOW SO COOL KICKSTARTER TO FUND THE BOOK. Obviously there will be lots of fabulous incentives, and obviously the only reason anybody follows me is for Sakana so there will be LOTS OF SAKANA THEMED INCENTIVES. Which is a good thing for Sakana fans because IF THE BOOK GETS FUNDED, THERE WILL BE MORE SAKANA THINGS TOO HOORAY GOOD DEAL. 

I’m going to be putting up more information about the book itself and the eventual Kickstarter in the next few days, but if you could help me spread the word and drum up a bit of pregame excitement, I would be super grateful!! The only reason I can even think of doing something like this is because I have the most amazing fans in the entire world, and I am so thankful for your support every day! Even if you don’t have the moolah to throw at some small lady you kind of half-know on the internet cuz she draws fish people so often, I would still appreciate a reblog, AND I STILL APPRECIATE YOU <33

Thanks everybody!! :’D