Class coloring project wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I finally made a color ref for Enzo, but he is actually not that colorful. 

This is how I take a quick break from comics.

Eventually gonna color this so I’m not focusing too much on heavy contrast in the lineart. Probably as much as I’m going to get done tonight because I’m hearing the siren call of Minecraft…

Sakana Question

If you could change anything about the storyline or characters, what would it be?


I did the artwork for two short backup comics coming out this week- get ‘em Wednesday at your local shop!

Escape from Junk Rat Island (Part 1) was written by Mad Rupert- check out a preview for this issue of Bravest Warriors!

& Grabbed by the Ghostlies (Part 1) was written by Rachel Connor! Here’s another sweet preview for Regular Show #14.

These are both Part 1 of 2, so tune in next month, too :)


AU… EH???

YES…A-AN AU……………

AU where the beginning of the story is Jiro’s first day at work.

A fish market with Ghost Sakanas. 

zeenis said: Hello Mad! I hate to be a bother and I know you've answered this before, but what's the brand name for the pens you use for your comics? I've been testing out different pens and I wanted to try out the ones you linked once forever ago, but I can't remember the name of the brand, or where the link is.

Hey there! 

I primarily use Kuretake pens, including the #55, #33, and the Fudegokochi. You can find them all here at this site:

The brush tip on the 33 is the same as the 55, but doesn’t have the latter’s smaller tip. These are BIG HUGE BRUSHES and may take some time to get used to if you haven’t used brushes or brush pens before. 

The Fudegokochi has a smaller and less-pliable tip, but also takes a bit of time to master because it uses a lot of ink and is easily smeared. 

Here are some good brush pens for people looking to practice. They also have smaller, less-pliable tips, but dry up faster. I use these for lettering a lot:

It should be noted that NONE OF THE PENS I’VE LISTED USE WATERPROOF INK, and will smear if drawn over with marker, and are also resistant to white out and correctional fluids. If you wanna use them with markers like I do in sketches sometimes, they have to be the last step in the drawing process. I usually correct my lines in photoshop. AND NEVER EVER GET YOUR PICTURES WET :U

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