About Mad!

Hey there, my name is Mad (actually Madeline) and I write/draw a big dumb webcomic called “Sakana”.

I am also currently the writer and artist of a Regular Show comic miniseries focusing on the character Skips. It is aptly named, “Regular Show: Skips.” (I didn’t get to pick the name, unfortunately.) This is a licensed comic series, meaning the events and original characters contained within are now canon to the Regular Show universe! Searching the “Regular Show” or “my art” tags on my blog will bring you in direct contact with all the weird stuff I’ve been drawing for this project.

Aside from drawing billions of comic pages all the time forever, I also enjoy reading comics, chilling with dogs, and collecting rare miniature cacti. I am less than five feet tall, and I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world. You can visit his blog here!

I appreciate all asks and fanart I get, but am often too busy to answer or reblog them right away! Thank you for visiting my blog!